Thursday, June 04, 2009


#1 vs. #2 In The Nation

"Use your logical emotion." - Raj Gavurla

Back from the SC State High School Soccer championships and quite a show. The #1 team in the nation, Northwestern, played the #2 team in the nation, Irmo. The mood in the stadium was electric and the teams wanted to win it all. Sitting with a retired college coach from Rutgers University he enthusiastically made the comment, "Everyone wants to be the hero."

It's true, the players wanted to shine to lead their team to victory! It was amazing! The refs did their job by using logical emotion to call the game. Within the first 7 minutes there were several calls that could have been a yellow card and a couple possible reds. However, the refs used their logical emotion to get the players under control and let them settle down to play the game of their lives.

It's special the players decided who won the game instead of the refs. Too many times refs abuse their authority thinking they are teaching a lesson when instead they are shattering dreams. Lessons are suppose to be taught ahead of time in a positive way to make dreams come true.

Northwestern won 3-1 for an undefeated season, the AAAA SC State High School Championship, and finish ranked #1 Nationally.

Fans saw high school soccer at its best.

Be A Hero!

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