Thursday, April 08, 2010


Corporate Entrepreneurship

Corporations are a vital part of an economy. So are foundations, government, and faith based initiatives. In corporations employees are starving for a new direction to create a new economy and adapt. Corporations are largely responsible for more business transparency because of the push for information technology (IT) and access to relevant information. Look at what information can be gathered from a Google search and now we can go directly to the consumer via Twitter and most importantly made our voices heard to produce positive change.

If you’re in a corporation trying to catch the next trend, then see what you think of this approach. Instill corporate entrepreneurship by:

1. Find Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Answer the following questions:
Have you created anything new, improved a service or process to get work and get it done better? Are your employees excited like kids or dragging in with a bewildered look? Are you proactive in your industry or reactive? Do your employees even know what to do with an idea and how it flows through your organization? Are you finding the right partnerships to serve the marketplace in a unique and better way? Are you creating new relationships and do you really understand how to grow an idea and what it takes to germinate?

2. Maintain a Winning Mental Mindset

Employees need to know and believe what they are doing really makes a positive difference. They are more interested in having serious fun at work hundreds of days a year versus the weeks of vacation they receive. Work on instilling the mental motivation skills so your employees can be proud of the work they do to compete in a capitalistic marketplace. Put winning back into the workplace culture. More successes increases confidence and builds a foundation for mental motivation skills through confidence. This acts as a resource to grab from to create more successes. Increasing your employees’ mental motivation skills to learn at another New Best Level is the fastest way for performance improvement to grow, profit, and evolve.

3. Use Leadership Teamwork

The top down structure of leadership has been diminishing more and more and this will continue because of the will of the people and technology. Sure, for every decision there is a decision maker or group of decision makers. As a decision maker or non-decision maker are you involved in facilitated sessions or retreats to help decipher what your team really wants, prioritize, and produce goals and metrics? My research indicates that the majority of employees want to be on a team. However, the dynamics of a team are missing because they are not empowered to input for various reasons. Therefore, they feel isolated and this disrupts their mindset by putting their thinking in a rut. Sure, they can be fired but isn’t the purpose of a corporation to develop and grow each employee as an individual with unique talents and skills as well as a teammate. You’ll be surprised that instead of handling moral and attitude issues they will be forcing you to look at ways for you as a leader to grow, distribute, and incentize them to make your job easier and corporation more productive and profitable. Empowerment is not a buzzword. It is real and if you are willing to garner its creative force it will create the excitement you are looking for as a leader, boss, and employee.

Your clients will see the difference in your work and offerings. Spruce up your entrepreneurial spirit, winning mental mindset, and leadership teamwork on a regular basis. It’s not a one shot deal. You’ll have more serious fun. It just takes investment of work, time, and money. That’s real good because you receive a return on investment. It will make the hundreds of days at work just as exciting as those vacation days unless, of course, you’re going on an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii.

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Sunday, April 04, 2010


Most Abused Psychology Intrinsic Function

"Know what you want and need to do." - Raj Gavurla
The flight-or-fight response is the most abused psychology human intrinsic function in business and relationships. It's abused when we don't use common-sense. It is not abused when we use common-sense.
Let's take a look at a sales, customer service, getting work done, athletic, or medical pursuit of yours.
Abused: You sell without listening and using caring thought provoking discovery questions.
Result: No sale (flight response)
Not abused: You learn about the organization to ask caring discovery questions to help the client get what they want. Let the customer decide.
Result: Builds a trustworthy relationship or produces a sale (fight response)
Customer Service:
Abused: You do not meet the date of delivery for the product or service and don't inform the client and don't let the client know what happened.
Result: Bad service (flight response)
Not abused: You meet the date and inform client of other products, services, specials, and do something nice for the client that is unique to them. Example would be a fun give away with their name on it related to what was purchased.
Result: More business (fight response)
Getting Work Done:
Abused: You ask someone to do something and expect them to be an expert at it.
Result: May not get what you want (flight response) Not abused: Same scenario except you tell them the reason you are asking for this and tell them it will be good for them to find a solution. Then tell them you already know how to do it and you will spend time reviewing it to show them how to do it correctly if done incorrectly.
Result: Better employee and new skill to keep in their mindset (fight response)
Abused: You bench a player for taking bad shots without telling them what to do to overcome it.
Result: You aren't being a coach, friend, or professional (flight response)
Not abused: Same scenario except you coach the benched player to know what to do to take a good shot. Each of us has the same program or a different program in our mindset when pursuing a common goal. When different one of us needs to re-program so the programs are the same.
Result: Increases the players knowledge and understanding of the game to win (fight response)
Abused: You yell at your patients.
Result: Your patients don't get better (flight response)
Not Abused: You talk warmly to your patients and even when they are behaving wrongly empathize and give instruction
Result: Your patients get better (fight response) Pay attention to the flight-or-fight-for-good response by using common-sense. You will be in a better mood.

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Your Health and Winning

If you're not 100% healthy, imagine what it would be like to be 100% healthy. Your productivity and performance would increase and you would feel vibrant and have more fun.

Don't think it's bad luck that is causing the problem. There is a solution even if you have a chronic illness or disease. You just need to know how to deal with it to empower yourself.

People you see doing amazing things do so because they work on their health as well as working intelligently hard on their craft. It's not 100% natural although it may appear so. You may be able to do what they are doing or create your own path.

Recently one of the ways I'm enhancing myself is through supplements and nutrition. There's no reason I should feel tired through most of the second half of the day or not sleep regularly. Also if there are problems with alertness and even cognition there may be a simplae supplement you can take. This gives your body what it needs to function naturally so you can focus on your craft.

Either you can beat yourself up (I don't recommend this) or recognize by listening to your body to give it what it needs. There is a deficiency therefore fill it and watch your performance and mindset soar. Don't think you are struggling because you are less talented.

It takes intelligence about yourself to improve your mindset and motivation to go to another New Best Level. Your mood will be much better and you'll have more options and weapons to be successful.

For base supplements to address the mindset:
This creates the support your mind needs to make synapses (brain nerve signaling) easier.

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