Sunday, April 04, 2010


Your Health and Winning

If you're not 100% healthy, imagine what it would be like to be 100% healthy. Your productivity and performance would increase and you would feel vibrant and have more fun.

Don't think it's bad luck that is causing the problem. There is a solution even if you have a chronic illness or disease. You just need to know how to deal with it to empower yourself.

People you see doing amazing things do so because they work on their health as well as working intelligently hard on their craft. It's not 100% natural although it may appear so. You may be able to do what they are doing or create your own path.

Recently one of the ways I'm enhancing myself is through supplements and nutrition. There's no reason I should feel tired through most of the second half of the day or not sleep regularly. Also if there are problems with alertness and even cognition there may be a simplae supplement you can take. This gives your body what it needs to function naturally so you can focus on your craft.

Either you can beat yourself up (I don't recommend this) or recognize by listening to your body to give it what it needs. There is a deficiency therefore fill it and watch your performance and mindset soar. Don't think you are struggling because you are less talented.

It takes intelligence about yourself to improve your mindset and motivation to go to another New Best Level. Your mood will be much better and you'll have more options and weapons to be successful.

For base supplements to address the mindset:
This creates the support your mind needs to make synapses (brain nerve signaling) easier.

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