Friday, October 21, 2011


Stay Productive, Feel A Sense of Nirvana

"Know when to lighten the mood to produce better results

and make more money." - Raj Gavurla

Stay Productive
If the fall weather and change of leaves went unnoticed by you, you probably are not staying productive. Maybe you are staying productive but you definitely aren't in nirvana. Although we each put in hours at work, what do each of us do to stay productive in those hours to feel a sense of nirvana. Can you get more done in the same amount of time? You can and it can be nirvana when you keep adding tools. Tools make it easier to get what you need done. Just know to rejuvenate to avoid fatigue and burnout.

My practical tool is to get "in the zone". Everything is in slow motion although it's at full speed, there's clarity, time doesn't get in the way, and it's rewarding. Most of all you feel a sense of nirvana. I show clients in my speaking programs, workshops, and coaching how to do this to stay productive and produce better results.

Here are other ways ten leaders stay productive:

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