Monday, January 02, 2012


Ways To Run A Business Better To Increase Employee Retention

"By running a business better employee retention increases." - Raj Gavurla

Happy New Year! Having goals is important because without them there isn't a sense of direction.

To shore up the workplace try to implement one or all of the following:

1. A business develops, grows, and evolves. As it does change, new services and products will come to fruition. It's important to select the change and new services and products that have passion behind them (support from the team), can make a difference, and creates a return on investment.

An approach being used by more companies is allowing employees to help run the business. Each business has to decide the
comfort level and extent they want to implement. Not all businesses are the same. Factors such as creating bandwidth and training are important considerations. However, by using this approach companies distribute decision making and financials. It allows the higher ups and subordinates to develop, grow, and evolve. Take the burden of having to make and approve every decision off yourself. You'll find by spreading the authority right your company runs better and employee retention increases. You're empowering your employees with a higher sense of purpose and taking them from a puppet mindset to a grow mindset. Many employees leave positions because they keep doing the same thing over and over and aren't allowed to grow their talents and skills at a pace that has variety (position and business oriented). Allow your employees to help run the business and employee retention increases. They'll know now what it really takes to get a raise and bonus.

2. One way of slowly implementing the approach is by using the "class 60 twice a week". Yes, for one hour twice a week put them in a formal class setting led by a professional speaker, trainer, or instructor for areas where the expertise is not in-house or use a co-worker for areas where the expertise is in-house. It's important these formal classes are geared towards specific skill enhancement. We are in a knowledge base economy and to excel classes are needed. Remember, "class 60 twice a week".

3. Control the things you can and let others control the rest. Stop worrying about the negativity, economy, financial doomsayers, and know by doing your part and others doing theirs there will be positivity, a growing economy, and financial gain. Try "meditate 60". You need meditation music for it to work and relax you. Meditate 60 minutes a day. You'll feel more secure.

Implement one or all three of the above to run your business better and increase employee retention. Let me know how it works for you.

Hope to hear from you.

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