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Interact To Have Confidence and Boost Self Esteem

"Interact to have confidence and boost self esteem." - Raj Gavurla

Interact To Have Confidence and Boost Self Esteem

We have conversations throughout the day whether in person or by phone. By interacting (engaging) in the conversation better outcomes come about. Our synapses can make better connections by interacting. Without engaging in interaction our synapses do not know how to connect. Therefore, this creates confusion.


Ex: 1 You're at work and someone comes up to you and asks where is he.

Interact: Ask, who is he?

Result: Clarity first to respond with the answer

Ex. 2: A client asks a question and before you can answer they make a "sound" and walk away.

Interact: Since they are the client and although that shouldn't happen, catch up to them and answer their question and ask them why they made a "sound" and walked away without giving you a chance to answer.

Result: Better client interaction to keep the communication effective to work towards the common goal.

Ex: 3: Someone says to you you think that's good.

Interact: If you don't think it's good tell them so, instead of thinking they know it's not good.

Result: You're not letting someone push something on you. This creates value because we can work together to agree upon what is good.

Ex. 4: A colleague tells you to look at a chart to fill in the item.

Interact: You immediately do so because it makes sense. If it doesn't make sense, ask why look at the chart to fill in the item.

Result: The item is filled right.

Ex: 5: Your boss tells you to do something

Interact: You immediately do so because you work for them.

Result: Accomplishment

Ex 6: Someone you know asks do you want to be friends.

Interact: Instead of thinking to yourself I thought we already are friends. Say to them I thought we already are friends.

Result: Gain clarity

Ex. 7: Someone asks you an off the wall question or makes an off the wall comment that has nothing to do with what is being discussed or done.

Interact: Tell them to stay on track or ask where did you get that from.

Result: Make progress

This happens during conversations because mindsets and moods vary. By interacting you can gain clarity to produce better results. By us doing so we have confidence in each other and boost self esteem because synapses make connections instead of dangling.

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