Sunday, April 04, 2010


Most Abused Psychology Intrinsic Function

"Know what you want and need to do." - Raj Gavurla
The flight-or-fight response is the most abused psychology human intrinsic function in business and relationships. It's abused when we don't use common-sense. It is not abused when we use common-sense.
Let's take a look at a sales, customer service, getting work done, athletic, or medical pursuit of yours.
Abused: You sell without listening and using caring thought provoking discovery questions.
Result: No sale (flight response)
Not abused: You learn about the organization to ask caring discovery questions to help the client get what they want. Let the customer decide.
Result: Builds a trustworthy relationship or produces a sale (fight response)
Customer Service:
Abused: You do not meet the date of delivery for the product or service and don't inform the client and don't let the client know what happened.
Result: Bad service (flight response)
Not abused: You meet the date and inform client of other products, services, specials, and do something nice for the client that is unique to them. Example would be a fun give away with their name on it related to what was purchased.
Result: More business (fight response)
Getting Work Done:
Abused: You ask someone to do something and expect them to be an expert at it.
Result: May not get what you want (flight response) Not abused: Same scenario except you tell them the reason you are asking for this and tell them it will be good for them to find a solution. Then tell them you already know how to do it and you will spend time reviewing it to show them how to do it correctly if done incorrectly.
Result: Better employee and new skill to keep in their mindset (fight response)
Abused: You bench a player for taking bad shots without telling them what to do to overcome it.
Result: You aren't being a coach, friend, or professional (flight response)
Not abused: Same scenario except you coach the benched player to know what to do to take a good shot. Each of us has the same program or a different program in our mindset when pursuing a common goal. When different one of us needs to re-program so the programs are the same.
Result: Increases the players knowledge and understanding of the game to win (fight response)
Abused: You yell at your patients.
Result: Your patients don't get better (flight response)
Not Abused: You talk warmly to your patients and even when they are behaving wrongly empathize and give instruction
Result: Your patients get better (fight response) Pay attention to the flight-or-fight-for-good response by using common-sense. You will be in a better mood.

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