Thursday, December 08, 2005


Do You Understand Leadership?

By: Raj Gavurla

"Life is given, we learn everything else." Raj Gavurla

The majority of employees are not in a leadership position (i.e. Executive,
Manager, Captain, Supervisor, Team Leader, etc.). To understand
leadership, one must know how to express compassion. Compassion
should be expressed via verbal and written interactions and by taking
"spirit enhancing action(s)" of compassion to generate "spirit enhancing
of compassion. This is a priceless insight for employees who
would like to become a leader in business and life. It serves as a priceless
for individuals in a leadership role. Many times, compassion is
what separates who is promoted when all else is equal. Compassion
also stimulates new ideas for profitable services and products.

At work, I saw an employee who received training on a new system
struggling and stressed. She didn't ask for help because she felt if she
went to the project manager or manager each would be disappointed and
it would reflect badly on her. I took it upon myself to take a "spirit enhancing
of compassion. I wasn't assigned to the project and took action by
spending twenty (20) minutes discussing the new system to resonate with
her. She generated three "spirit enhancing results":

1. She started having fun again and engineered a robust project
2. She told the project manager of my efforts which increased my repute
3. Each of us was taken to a "New Best Level".

What "spirit enhancing action(s)" of compassion are you taking at work
to bring business and life?

Your feedback is important to me. Let me know what effect this makes in
your business and life.


Raj works with organizations and sports teams that want to empower their mindset and motivation to win. Author of Winning at Entrepreneurship. Contact Raj at 404.918.7366, e-mail:, or learn more by visiting


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