Sunday, March 26, 2006

Let The Words Be Known, Client Modular Approach™ (CMA)
By: Raj Gavurla

Many times we have habits, techniques, skills, and processes that bring results and we fail to capture them and put them in our respective repertoire to call upon when needed. We forget they are valuable or just plain don't see it until it's brought to our attention. As we continue to move forward in business and life, new ones appear and we become more adept at using them in the right situation.

Once I started my company in 2001, it became clear I needed to capture my expertise and experience. You should also do this if you are not a business owner. I reflected upon my past work and what follows is a general common sense structure you can use to retain and grow your employees, and as a result grow your company, regardless of your specific industry.

So, you ask, what is it? Think, what could possibly benefit everyone in a corporation, association, and organization? In three words: Client Modular Approach™ (CMA).

Definition of Client Modular Approach™ (CMA): An adaptable common sense structure used to increase employee and client retention and growth

This structure can be used at every level of a company, association, and organization regardless of position or job title. To perform at a "New Best Level™", daily identify the following:

    Who (PERSON and the company, association, or organization)
    is the client or prospect?

    Focus on one modular task in conversation and
    action/execution. You may have several modules. We are in a
    diverse universe.

    The approach is critical and will use your known strengths and
    force you to develop new strengths to compete for goodness.

Put this structure into place from the janitor to the entrepreneur and each employee or member will feel a sense of empowerment. Many times, problems are caused because people are hired to perform a specific skill or task and are not privy to business development and growth activities. Usually, it's the ho-hum statement that what you're doing is important and helps. However, most people would like to know how they can help more to do more good for a brighter future. This doesn't necessarily equate to working more hours. They want to know how to perform at a "New Best Level™."

"The future is now." Put the Client Modular Approach™ (CMA) to work at each position to see your employees or members work with clarity of purpose, stay motivated, and show business creativity to have the future come roaring to them. The atmosphere will grow! Instead of feeling stagnate and negative your employees or members will show genuine enthusiasm towards work in their interactions (subconscious, thoughts, verbal, written, body language, and actions).

This means spirit enhancing results and bonuses aren't far away. You'll have fun watching people have fun being productive. It is like taking a happy pill. Everyone will be excited to report to work because this new structure brings a channel for growth. It makes you think and do. See, now you are involving employees in business development and growth and this brings a sense of security, accomplishment, helps them grow, gives the high of continuous learning, and enables them to work together to form powerful and winning relationships to perform at a "New Best Level™."

Imagine your president, CEO, VPs, directors, captains, managers, supervisors, team leaders, employees, and secretaries clearly identifying their resective Client Modular Approach™ (CMA) as the first action item of the business day. It's a whole lot of fun. I use it daily. You will love the spirit enhancing results and atmosphere! See, all it took were three easy words, Client Modular Approach™ (CMA).

Keep going to another "New Best Level™!"

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