Saturday, January 19, 2008


Exceed Your Goals

By Raj Gavurla

All of us have goals although some may think they don't. Just getting into a car and driving from one place to another is a goal fulfilled. It probably is a common occurrence for you, and you might not have thought of it as a goal. But I’ll bet you have thought of leading a life more fulfilling and rewarding by identifying truly meaningful goals.

To lead the life you want and exceed your goals, give thought to:

1. Control your mindset. Communication with yourself is critical. The more inspiring, positive, good, logically emotional, and value producing your mindset the better for you and others. Control your thoughts to help control your mindset. Listen to your inner voice.

2. Staying healthy. Being healthy and fit should be your first goal because you’ll be happier and people will notice. When you’re healthy, your mental and physiology states become congruent, making it easier for you to exceed your goals. Do you know of anyone who says, “I want to get sick so I can exceed a goal”? I bet not! As Ron Culberson says, “What I want when I’m terminally ill [is] not to die.”

3. Write down your goals. At the age of nine, I wrote down a list of goals. At the time I phrased it as what "I want to do". Most of the goals have come true and the others will be achieved because I can make them happen. One goal was to write a book. Being nine years old, I found this difficult to do. Thirty years later I'm proud to tell you I am the author of Winning at Entrepreneurship.

4. Writing down what you will stop doing. You’ll be amazed how much difference stopping specific action(s), negative thought(s), or poor habit(s) will make. Did the stoppage of limiting beliefs on your endeavors make a difference? What else can you stop doing to exceed your goals?

5. Writing down what you will start doing. You’ll also be amazed at the results that the start of action creates. Nothing happens until you get in the right mindset to start action toward your goals. You know the results you want, so write them down and, in a backward fashion, write down what you must start doing to exceed the results. In your list you’ll eventually get to a place where you can start doing that specific item, and then the next, until you achieve and hopefully exceed your goals. Make sure there is a logical emotional connection to raise the bar or do something you have yet to accomplish—it should excite you! Then make sure you or a friend holds you accountable by reviewing your list.

6. Not wanting too much. Getting what you want will come as you take better actions and adjust them toward your subgoals.

7. Knowing when you need to slow down and take time for yourself. Your business and life are not supposed to be hard.

Exceed your goals by taking spirit-enhancing action to generate spirit-enhancing results.

Raj Gavurla, president of LiiiVEN™, Inc., works with organizations and sports teams that want to empower their mindset and motivation to win. Author of Winning at Entrepreneurship. Contact him at 404.918.7366, e-mail or learn more by visiting Copyright 2008 LiiiVEN™. All rights reserved.

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