Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Entrepreneurial Culture - "Do it better than right."

      Empower Your Mindset, Mood, and Motivation
                                         To Win
                                            "Do it better than right." 
                                                              - Raj Gavurla 
Why are companies struggling?  Mainly because they stop having an entrepreneurial culture. 
Ideas to make project work better and to make your offering to clients and prospects better determines whether you
have an entrepreneurial culture. 
Ex:  A team in an organization meets to discuss their initiatives, direction, and game plan for the upcoming year.
They indeed have a good mindset and strive to accomplish their goals.  Then, a supplier of theirs has an idea that
clearly is better.  Instead of accepting this to better their game plan, they make comments to legitimitize their
decision such as:
                       1.  "We said we would do it this way."
                       2.  "Our relationships and agreements are in place."
                       3.  "It will confuse our stake holders."
Their mindset went from good to bad.  Your team, relationships, agreements, and stake holders definitely want
to choose the better route if you inform them a better way exists.  An entrepreneurial culture empowers employees
and leadership.  It makes sense.  Simply, some companies run into this problem and choose to remain loyal to an
inferior game plan.  Be loyal by making your team and teammates better to serve clients better.
Simply put, by empowering your mindset with an entrepreneurial culture that promotes and implements better ideas,
your company prospers and your company isn't sold on the market through a fire sale.  Remember, "do it better than right". 
Please forward to teammates, friends, and families this may interest. 
Be A Hero!

Raj works with organizations and sports teams that want to empower their mindset, mood, and motivation to win.

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