Friday, April 17, 2009


Formula to Run Your Business (ROI)

                We all must live life, profit, and prosper forever.  - Raj Gavurla
We invest to receive a return (ROI).  Sometime the spirit-enhancing results come immediately and
sometime it takes some time for them to come.  Use your logical emotion and identify your adaptability link to measure
your ROI.
Seven Ways to Measure Your ROI:
  1.  What is your return on involvement?
  2.  What is your return on image?
  3.  What is your return on imagination?
  4.  What is your return on intensity?
  5.  What is your return on intelligence?
  6.  What is your return on influence?
  7.  What is your return on investment?
Think of a recent investment or endeavor (goal, calling, and dream) of yours and make
sure you determined or are determining ways to maximize your teams' ROI in each
of the seven ROI measurements above. 
I'm looking forward to hearing your goals, callings, and dreams.
Be A Hero!
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Raj works with organizations and sports teams that want to empower their mindset, mood, and motivation to win.

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