Sunday, May 10, 2009


The Future Economy

How can we all produce spirit-enhancing results and positive change from this economic slump?

Three factors will keep this from happening again.  They are:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Technology
  3. The Will of The People

Entrepreneurship is the stimulant that drives better results, new ideas, and better ways of doing things. Technology is an enabler that levels the playing field and gives more options to be done in a quicker and easier manner. Both of these are driven by the will of the people.

Does this mean if I'm working for an employer I'm doomed? Does this mean mid-size and large companies, Fortune 500, will not benefit? No, it means a new way of doing business is coming. Small businesses, mid-size, and Fortune 500 companies can benefit tremendously. Also, new Fortune 500 companies will come into existence because of the positive change.

What is the solution to make this happen? Simply, each adult should incorporate. You might think I can't own a business or I don't have the money or knowledge. Well, that's where entrepreneurship, technology, and the will of the people come in. How?

I'm not saying to quit your job. What I am saying is to also form a business entity so you have more options. Because of technology, you will be able to go on-line and via mobility to earn income when you are available. If you have a job or are employed by a Fortune 500 company your employer can benefit tremendously because you are becoming more business savvy and they haven't invested a dime. Of course, the Fortune 500 company has to have a better mindset to benefit from your new talent, skills, and knowledge through what I call an "adaptability link". Remember, the use of business and technology will create new Fortune 500 companies.

It's the will of the people that will demand this solution because let's face it. If we lose a job, the family is at risk, it can be hard to find another better job or one as good. This causes a HUGE decrease in productivity and our GDP diminishes. By incorporating and using technology and the advancement of interactive web and mobile income project generating tools people from all over the world will be able to help get a job (project/mission) done and be paid. The work gets done quicker and with good quality. If the quality isn't good, then of course, there isn't payment. Collaborative ways of doing business will help us not to produce these economic slumps and remove hardship from families who have to shelter and feed themselves, their children, take care of elders, and gives elders an opportunity to be involved and work if they choose too.

The talent pool will continue to grow because of the openness and access to learning and education. One can go from being non-versed to knowledgeable to put their new talent and skills to work to be paid. Sometime children can teach us a lot. They aren't concerned with policy, rules, and best practices as much as they are with the well being and prosperity of others. They simply say, "Mr. Gavurla he/she needs [fill in the blank]." With this new approach we all go towards filling ones immediate needs to live life, profit, and prosper.

This entrepreneurial thought can be applied to any industry. Especially, in healthcare where there can be life changing and life saving outcomes. Sure, there will be commonalities regarding a medical condition, however, to address the non-commonalities and produce cures, quicker recovery, and better healthcare we all need to look at medicine as each person may require an individualized solution for their specific ailment. Please note many of the remedies will be the same for everyone. However, it's the tough ailments like mental health, cancer, AIDS, heart problems, tumor destruction, and anxiety that will benefit most by on the spot/occurrence of treatment versus seeking medical help at a doctor's office that doesn't allow for a response to the negative health condition immediately to cure illnesses. There is no reason a patient should have to wait to get expert advice from a health professional because technologies exist today via a PC based call center and all forms of dispensing healthcare to patients and then having patients' give real-time feedback and complete a metric rating to know whether or not it worked. Today, it's not like that. The doctor thinks they did a good job. Sometime, they did not provide a better outcome. That's bad service. Using the new approach will allow doctors to give instruction and feedback to help make patients' lives better and prosperous. Medical advancements, new ideas, and better ways of doing things are needed.

Remember, you should incorporate because there is lack of employment security and because technology will allow people to work also as independents based on your availability and ability to get a project done. This can provide additional income or help you if you do become unemployed. Use learning as a catalyst for positive change. Knowledge is shared more widely because of technology and those willing to adapt by learning new things and applying this knowledge towards helping someone complete a project will be more valuable. This is similar to diversification/adapting to risk. Yes, it also means you'll have to learn more about running a business instead of doing one specific skill set. However, learning (all types) and technology - entrepreneurship will help you so we don't repeat the steps that got us into this economy by creating a new economy. We all need better ideas, better services, better products, and better ways of doing things to benefit by putting ourselves into a better mindset and new economy. You are the driver, therefore drive. Help others to complete their projects, create projects others can help you with, or work with them.

It's becoming demand and supply versus supply and demand because access to knowledge is being openly shared. Therefore, because of the openness and use of technology to attain quality learning, within a few hours one can go from being unlearned on a subject to being very learned. Taking this new talent, new skills, and existing skills by adapting through application to get work and get work done to serve others will benefit all of us.

Create a better way through entrepreneurship, technology, and the will of the people. We all deserve better.

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