Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Mindset Tune-Up: Lessons Learned from a Championship Soccer Team

"Champions tune-up their mindset and teamwork to win the BIG game." - Raj Gavurla

Wow, there was a BIG game last night for the SC Upper State high school soccer championship! Several adaptability links can be applied to your organization's team. It was a rubber match between the Eastside Eagles and J.L. Mann Patriots. During the early part of the season JL Mann won their first game with Eastside on Eastside's home field 3-0. Eastside made them pay on Mann's home field 1-0 in the latter part of the season. Eastside earned home field by being ranked #1 at the end of the regular season. The Eagles defeated the Patriots 3-2 in overtime to be the SC Upper State Soccer Champions!

With five minutes left in the game Eastside tied the score 2-2. Then the Eagles carried the momentum into overtime by scoring an early goal to make it 3-2 and tightening up their defense to win.

What are the mindset, mood, and motivation lessons and your adaptability link to be a champion?

1. What happens in the regular season matters. A team should continually improve (get better) throughout the year to make a championship run.
2. You will face adversity such as star players being injured during the regular season and someone must be ready to step in.
3. Your intensity level increases to win in the playoffs.
4. Their dream and goal is to win the SC State Championship.

1. Eastside lost last year's SC Upper State Soccer Championship game. They want to win this year.
2. Having home field was a BIG boost to the players mood. With students cheering, drums, horns, and the eagle mascot waving the Eastside flag on their side any doubt of defeat was erased.
3. After the win, the students rushed the field to celebrate!

1. To be the better team by consistently playing at the top of their game.
2. Raise the bar

To deal with doubt throughout the year Eastside had to tune-up their mindset to win.
There is one more tune-up needed for this Saturday's SC State Championship soccer game.
Teams have to deal with doubt, even the best. Give your team a mindset tune-up to increase your wins. I'm looking forward to hearing about your goals, callings, and dreams.

Be A Hero!


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