Friday, June 12, 2009


Connection Between Inspiration, Motivation, Attitude, Mindset, and Mood

We all have a mood and some people at work or in sports have to work with a mood disorder to perform.
You can still lead the life you want by making intelligent efforts to learn about your mood and what needs
to be done to benefit from it. Included are the workings between inspiration, motivation, attitude, mindset,
and mood for you. Here is a very useful excerpt from a discussion with Dr Jane Mountain, MD and then the
sharing of my expertise.

Discussion Excerpt:
It's important to understand that mood is far more than emotions. The root word comes from derivations that include "mind", "spirit", "courage", "to strive strongly", 'be energetic", "custom", "customary behavior". When we understand that bipolar disorder affects far more than emotion, we realize that our cognition or "logical emotion" is also affected. Learning wellness skills deals with the broader definition of "mood" and require us to work from many different perspectives to find wellness.

Sharing of my expertise to help medical professionals understand a mood disorder better:
As you put it well mood is more than emotion. To grasp it think of driving a stick shift (5 gears).

Relationship Between Motivation (Gear 4) and Inspiration (Gear 5)
Attitude (Gear 3)
Mindset (Gear 2)
Relationship Between Mood (Gear 1) and Subconscious

Your motivation has a relationship with your inspiration

Your motivation controls your attitude
Your attitude controls your mindset
Your mindset controls your mood

Your mood has a relationship with your subconscious

Therefore, to produce spirit-enhancing results (the best results) all of them should be sychronized. Think of a time you

excelled (I bet all those were synchronized). Think of a time you didn't excel (I bet all those were not synchronized)

Be A Hero!


Very Good post on Motivations.

karim - Positive thinking
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