Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Leadership Teamwork and Professional Basketball

This past weekend I attended a professional basketball tryout. Each player competed for a contract. Only 10 contracts available. Here are the tips and instructions given for an astronomical return (ROI).

Before starting the instructor gave us these instructions:
1. We encourage one another
2. We don't get down on oneself (frustrated) ... positive attitude
3. Do the drills with integrity
4. I want to see how well you follow the drill instructions

What happened? When someone did well we praised it. If someone was having difficulty, we yelled encouragement and clapped in unison. When running drills if a player saw that another was struggling they would give a well timed tip. For example, "You're missing your shots. Relax". Twenty three players participated and each had areas of strength and areas that need improvement. Why was one player excellent in one drill and not another? It was amazing to see!

When they divided into teams, being a part of a team (on a team) made them play with greater effort. Basketball is a team sport. During a drill, the instructor yelled, "air balls are unacceptable ... you run a lap and do ten push ups". After hearing that, one player who was shooting air balls stopped shooting them for the rest of tryouts. The amount of professionalism and leadership teamwork was far greater than I've seen in any corporation so far.

What is it like in your organization or sports team? Implement this and I bet you will receive an astronomical

return on involvement
return on image
return on imagination
return on intensity
return on intelligence
return on influence
return on investment

Be A Hero!


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