Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Learning Is Constant and The Catalyst For Positive Change

Learning comes in many forms and to raise the bar we must engage ourselves in the process to motivate and inspire our passion to produce results. I teamed up with Business Expert Webinars to dig deeper into the adaptability link between mindset, mood, and motivation to win in business and sports.

Take a look at my training schedule and register by using Promotional Code: 4a1fdfdb to save $20 upon checkout(click logo):

"Running your own business is exciting and scary at the same time…especially as an entrepreneur. Sometimes fear keeps you from taking the leap your business needs. Other times, you lack the key idea to take your business to the next level. Raj Gavurla is every entrepreneurs dream. Author of the empowering book Winning at Entrepreneurship, Raj inspires and educates entrepreneurs as he guides them to success. We are looking forward to Raj's eLearning program that will focus on leadership content for entrepreneurs," said Lee B. Salz, President and CEO of Business Expert Webinars.

Raj Gavurla, said, "It's plain to see when talking with clients and buyers they want better learning solutions to be more competitive in the marketplace and make a larger difference. Business Expert Webinars raises the bar for e-learning because experts help you learn what it would take others a whole day or more to teach you."

I begin delivering e-seminars with Business Expert Webinars in July 2009.

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