Thursday, October 15, 2009


On The Big Stage

"Our purpose is to create amazing memories." - Raj Gavurla

While at a retreat Melanie Oudin's run on the big stage at the US Open Tennis Tournament came up. It was quite
an amazing run and she carried herself well in the interviews. As a mindset and mood expert, what was nice to see
was the way it influenced her sisters. Of course, they were cheering for her. When Pam Shriver interviewed her sisters and asked one to spell what was on her t-shirt she misspelled it. Obviously, because her mindset and mood was way past anticipation and excitement.

This is important to you because you too are in important situations that have a lot riding on them. It could be a meeting, presentation, or your child gearing up for a big game. Just keep in mind you are meant to be there. No one just handed it to you. Be compassionate towards yourself by preparing and looking for performance improvement. Most likely it's not your first time doing it. It just happens to be on a bigger stage.

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