Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Your Mindset and Mood

"Speak what your mind thinks from the heart." - Raj Gavurla

Your Mindset and Mood
The definition of mindset is the way you think and what you think. When working with organizations and coaching clients my focus is on creating more profitability and productivity to make their mood and results a whole lot better.
The number one way you can do this is through involvement. It can be direct or indirect involvement. Direct involvement is when you use leadership teamwork to produce a better mood and result. Indirect involvement is when you see someone who has obviously done the work and with a good word or action taken by you they are empowered to rise to a higher level. You may want to tell them you did so or just do it because you think they are deserving.
Take a moment and think about who did this for you and who you've done this for. We all are in this together.

As a business person and athlete (recreational or professional), there comes a time when without investing dollars to increase your intelligence and experiences you will be stuck in a fixed mindset instead of a growth mindset. Yes, you're right your work (effort) and time is what makes you unique, however, you need to apply others expertise to your good dreams, goals, and callings to take your mood and results to a higher level. The best way to do this is by investing. You may buy a book, attend a webinar, listen to a cd, attend a speaking program or seminar, take a class, be mentored, or take coaching. There are options for everyone. Be practical and invest in the things that are right for your business. Your mood and results will be a whole lot better. Isn't that really the bottom line?

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