Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Follow Through

Are you ready for this? The biggest Adaptability Link missed more often than any other is the Follow Through. Why? These are my findings:

It Can't Possibly Be That Simple
We have our respective profession. We are paid because people receive a return on investment. Our profession excites and interests us therefore we like doing it. There is the technical side and the soft skills side. Once we figure out both in pursuing a project goal (the challenging part) sometime we miss the Follow Through. Without the Follow Through no one benefits. You receive no recognition, credit, and your customer is stuck waiting on you to deliver and rightfully thinks something is wrong with your service. Why not Follow Through? The hard part is done. Do you want to keep working on the challenging part without being appreciated for your work? I sure hope not.

Another example:
If you ever shot a basketball, thrown a football, or hit a tennis ball, how many times have you missed the Follow Through. Even the pros do it. They just do it a lot less often. We know Follow Through is the last step. Why don't we do it? I really think it's because in our mindset we think it can't possibly be that simple. Remember to Follow Through to be at another New Best Level.

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