Sunday, January 31, 2010


Book - Winning at Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Leadership
My name is Raj Gavurla. I'm an entrepreneurial speaker, and mindset, mood, motivation expert. I wrote the book, Winning At Entrepreneurship. The reason I wrote the book is because we have a lot of how to book on entrepreneurship. I read many of them. However I did not see a book that talks about the entrepreneurial spirit needed, the mindset needed, the mood needed, the motivation needed for an entrepreneur to succeed. And really what is the real value of entrepreneurship? Why is it something that's looked upon so highly. In the book I give you common-sense strategies and its filled with tips, decision making formulas to really help you cut some years off to cut some stress and frustration off from your journey of being entrepreneurial. Even if you work in a company, a lot of companies today who are succeeding or that are succeeding are entrepreneurial in culture.

Therefore, check out my book. Here it is, Winning At Entrepreneurship. You can get it on my web site at,, or if you would like. Or, call me to place an order at 404.918.7366.

Tell your friends about it. Tell your family about it. It will help them to find their inner voice in winning at entrepreneurship.

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