Sunday, August 29, 2010


Advancements In Humanness, Medicine, and Technology

"An organization must consistently play at the top of it's game to win, grow, and evolve." - Raj Gavurla Advancements In Humanness, Medicine, and Technology

In August, I was the closing speaker at an annual directors retreat on consistently improving workplace communications. How? Through effective communication, having trust in relationships, and producing better results. Through stories and interactive training (skills building) exercises such as using specificity, feed forward, mood chairs tool, and my interactive coaching process the participants learned and were motivated to raise the bar on their already high performing team, to empower staff, and better serve their clients.

Since they worked for an assisted living facility, advancements in humanness, medicine, and technology are needed. This also applies to you. What would your business and life look like with advancements in the three areas? How can they be better integrated? How can you increase your level of involvement? I bet your life and others would be better. Raise the bar.

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