Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Power of A Decision for Peak Performance

"What you do, think, and say or not say makes a significant difference."
- Raj Gavurla

Why are making great decisions important? Because it provides clarity. What are three decisions you can make today that would make you a better home and work life?

Here are mine:
1. Decide to win
This isn't being ultra competitive. It means your focused on winning in your home and work life.
2. Exercise and eat right everyday
I do a variety of exercise without going through the motions. It does wonders for my mindset. For example, I go for fast walks, tennis, basketball, soccer, yoga, do the elliptical and lift weights, play kickball, flag football, swim, and really stretch after warming up and after exercise. I'm getting the pain out of my shoulders and knees with extensive stretching and weight lifting. Eating right means eating foods that resonate with your body chemistry. For example, although grapes are fruit and fruit is good for me for whatever reason my body doesn't react well. Therefore, I don't eat grapes. I've done this with other foods and at a later time my body reacts well. My guess is my body chemistry changed. See and feel the significant difference this makes in your home and work life.
3. Strive for peak performance in my home and work life
What else is there? Peak performance is an exciting goal and a target. It's not constantly done by me, however, by having it as a goal it gives me a target. Having a target makes it easier for me to peak perform. Without a target I peak perform less. What is peak performance for me probably isn't peak performance for you. Just raise your game. It'll create endorphins (natural high).
For example, maybe you can shoot ten free throws in a row. So striving to increase that and doing it is peak performance. However, a friend of yours can shoot twenty free throws in a row. For them to peak perform they would strive for a number higher than twenty.
You can peak perform in your home life by deciding to take the family to the park to play and have a picnic or to an exciting vacation spot.
How are you peak performing at work? Are you striving for a promotion, capable of doing something faster because of the intelligent work (right practice) you've done, or increased your presentation skills. You've added to your skill set. This allows your company and you to grow.

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