Saturday, January 23, 2010


Positive Self-Think, Positive Self-Talk, Logical Emotion

"Use positive self-think, positive self-talk, or logical emotion to get in the right mindset, mood, and be motivated."

Positive Self-Think:
Use this if you have a negative result. Simply, think a positive to compete.
Ex: If you're not moving your feet on defense, think the word "move".

Positive Self-Talk:
Use this by talking to yourself out loud to compete to win.
Ex: If you miss a free throw, out loud say something to focus.

Logical Emotion:
Words without the right body language and action send mix messages.

Ask yourself:
Are you happy?
If no, why not?

Are you having fun?
If no, why not?

Are you winning?
If no, why not?

Do you enjoy it?
If no, why not?

Are you making money?
If no, why not?

Use "positive self-think", "positive self-talk" and "logical emotion" to find the solution for you.
Your mindset, mood, and motivation will be a whole lot better.

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