Monday, July 18, 2011


Examples of Practical Application of the Winning Mental Pyramid to Produce Peak Performance

Applied my practical leading edge research and process, Winning Mental Pyramid, for educators at an education and business summit. How to use it is downloadable at whether in business or sports.

Ex. 1: A student doesn't do their homework. Since an action isn't being completed (relationship between mood and subconscious) work on the student's mindset (what they think and how they think). You know what to do. You need to add to your skill level to do it better.

Ex. 2: A student tells you my friends stopped talking to me. I have no friends. Since that's what is told (mindset) work on the student's attitude. Logical emotion says you can add friends and that doesn't mean the friends who stopped talking with you aren't your friends.

Ex. 3: A teacher is determining who would play an instrument well and who would sing well. The student wants to do well to please the teacher. After the singing of one word in the song, the teacher hurriedly dismisses the student to play an instrument with a quick "Eughh!" and uses her hands to usher the student towards instruments. Since she didn't even listen to the student and build his self-confidence, the teacher needs to work on her attitude and mindset.

Ex. 4: A student thinks two classmates always get the right answer first. They just were born with it and I wasn't. The student needs to work on their attitude to know they too can get the right answer first by applying the four adaptability links from the workshop as needed.

As I continue to apply my practical research and process, Winning Mental Pyramid, showing the relationship between motivation, inspiration, attitude, mindset, mood, and subconscious, I'm humble in telling you I've done so for business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, employees, doctors, patients, athletes, detainees, educators, students, police officers, and families.

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