Friday, July 01, 2011


Making The Team

As a player, it's up to you to impress your coach and help your team win. The reason why an athlete is able to perform a skill at a higher level than another athlete and the reason their team wins is because they have the thinking tools to:

1. Increase their intelligence for peak performance
2. Find their adaptability links to leadership and teamwork
3. Be "In The Zone"

The mindset of talent wins is changing. Sure each of us has talents, however, without increasing your intelligence for peak performance, finding your adaptability links, and being "In The Zone" the talent doesn't become honed and refined into skills. Another misperception is once skilled you aren't able to raise the skill level. Highly unlikely, especially if you want to go from winning a championship on the high school level, then playing and winning a championship in college, and then win a championship on the pro level.

The difference between high school, college, and professional sports athletes is mental. The higher levels have a greater ability to apply thinking tools to consistently play at the top of their game. Also, they form a team which consists of professionals to facilitate peak performance.

Regardless of the level of play, to make the team and win work on increasing your intelligence, finding your adaptability links to leadership and teamwork, and get "in the zone". Through preparation before the game or practice you'll perform at a higher level. The beauty of sports is you'll probably do something during play that you've never done before. That's peak performance. Hone and refine it to win championships.

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