Sunday, November 13, 2011


Mood Up

"It takes an input to change a negative to a positive (mood up)." - Raj Gavurla

I attended a college football game won by a field goal on the last play. During the game, the home team was behind and it was getting worse. This threw the crowd's mood off. The atmosphere in the stadium was not what the team including the home crowd wanted. However, there was time in the game and fortunately to get the mood up the person running the PA decided to play an upbeat tune. Immediately, the mood
was up and the players and crowd responded. What happened? By inputing an upbeat tune it reenergized the stadium's atmosphere to put the team in the right mindset. Since mindset controls the mood (the way you feel, bottom line, or action) the team (players) came back and won the game.

What input are you implementing during the work day or in your family life to keep the mood up? I'm not saying to blast a song throughout the office or home, although, it may work to your delight. However, there are many types of inputs (tip, add a tool, care, humor, take your pick), to get your team or colleague in the right mindset to get the mood up to produce results. This sure would make work a lot better. Or, you can do nothing and just think you don't need one another. Which do you prefer? I prefer to input to change a negative to a positive (mood up).

It is well worth it. Hope to hear from you.

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