Thursday, January 31, 2013


In The Zone

   "The zone is when everything is in slow motion although it's really at full speed and feels effortless."  - Raj Gavurla

In The Zone
It's the end of January. Have you stuck with your new year's resolutions? If yes, congratulations! If no, here are
two simple tips to help you make progress.

1. Use Emotional Logic
Many people want to lose weight in a healthy way. They get a nutritionist and exercise plan. People have problems staying motivated and inspired because the results aren't coming as fast as they want. To keep you motivated and inspired use emotional logic to get you eating right and exercising. See, what's keeping you from your goal is logic (i.e. "I can skip a day."  "I'm in my comfort zone." "It's useless." "This is the way I am."). Therefore, instead of relying on logical emotion use emotional logic.  Start with emotion to trigger your logic to get started. Then, use logical emotion.

2. Use Logical Emotion
After getting started with emotional logic, use logical emotion to navigate your way through your eating and exercise plan.  Therefore, if you're running on the treadmill and feel yourself sluggishly making progress use logic (i.e. "Pick up the pace." "See a positive image and replicate it" "Run harder".
Revert between Emotional Logic and Logical Emotion as needed. Soon, you'll be "In The Zone". Everything is in slow motion although at full speed and effortless. It feels like nirvana. This is where you want to be.
Comment on the times you've been "In The Zone".  Think of a work and sports example. 

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