Thursday, March 21, 2013


Uncertainty Makes Abundance Possible

"Uncertainty makes abundance possible." - Raj Gavurla

Each day there is uncertainty. Entrepreneurialism in the traditional or corporate sense thrives on this because it's a necessary condition to raise the bar (better results). By doing so the rewards are greater. Buyers buy and investors invest in your services and products. A better mindset has this characteristic.

Then it's a matter of :
        1. Marketing and selling it
        2. Communication
        3. Execution

We are in uncertain times. This means there is an abundant playing field to come up with an entrepreneurial shift to make a significant difference for clients and prospects.

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Monday, March 11, 2013


Execute Entrepreneurially In All Aspects of Life

"Execute entrepreneurially in all aspects of life." - Raj Gavurla
Why? Because if you don't every aspect of your life is stagnant or declines. I know you don't want that.
I'm not so unbearable to ask: Do you want that? Of course you don't.

So today take a couple of minutes to think about is your business (work), sports, and life producing "in the zone" (better results than before that feel effortless). If not, you need entrepreneurial thinking tools to apply towards all aspects of your life. By having the tools and knowing when and how to apply them you experience confidence in your ability to perform.

For example, you've gotten stuck or reached a point of diminishing return. Take 10 seconds to think what's keeping you from performing or a higher return? You identified the need. Then pick:

1. Do it (you already know what to do) just mentally stuck in thinking
2. Go get it (you need to get the tool (knowledge), person (relationship), product, or service)

This will get you better results than before to experience confidence and perform. Apply it to all aspects of your life.

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Friday, February 08, 2013


The Good News About Consistently Being In The Zone

                           "Get In The Zone More Often."  - Raj Gavurla



The Good News About Consistently Being In The Zone

1. Nutrition
What you eat really makes a huge difference in all aspects of your life. Eat right to raise the bar in work, athletics, and free time with family and friends. Put together your nutrition plan.
Here's mine:
I drink water, decaf tea, milk, decaf coffee. I don't drink caffeine. I drink decaf. I don't eat refined sugar including artificial sweetners. I eat fruit. I don't drink alcohol. I eat well (a variety of foods).  An entrepreneurial idea is to make me a new drink I can drink. 

2. Health
If needed, take treatments and supplements as needed.
3. Spiritual 
Read a chapter from a spiritual book to inspire your soul.
4. Work 
Produces endorphins like exercise does.

5. Exercise
Do a variety to keep it interesting and fun. Know what to do to avoid injury, pain, and boredom.
6. Spend time with family and friends
It's rejuvenating to socialize.
7. Meditation 
Clears your mindset and unclutters your thinking to progress and achieve goals
8. Listen to something motivational 
It will stimulate you and get rid of negativity.
9. Downtime for relaxation 
There are a variety. A simple example is to sit on the deck at night and feel the cool breeze.
10. Prayer 
Gives hope and makes the world a better place to live
11. Sleep 
Allows your body to rest, heal, and be your best tomorrow.
Here's the great news! Although implementing and doing each of the above increases your ability to perform "In The Zone", you feel it!  You can be "In The Zone" now without doing each one. Get "In The Zone".  You feel it!  You're "In The Zone!"

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Thursday, January 31, 2013


In The Zone

   "The zone is when everything is in slow motion although it's really at full speed and feels effortless."  - Raj Gavurla

In The Zone
It's the end of January. Have you stuck with your new year's resolutions? If yes, congratulations! If no, here are
two simple tips to help you make progress.

1. Use Emotional Logic
Many people want to lose weight in a healthy way. They get a nutritionist and exercise plan. People have problems staying motivated and inspired because the results aren't coming as fast as they want. To keep you motivated and inspired use emotional logic to get you eating right and exercising. See, what's keeping you from your goal is logic (i.e. "I can skip a day."  "I'm in my comfort zone." "It's useless." "This is the way I am."). Therefore, instead of relying on logical emotion use emotional logic.  Start with emotion to trigger your logic to get started. Then, use logical emotion.

2. Use Logical Emotion
After getting started with emotional logic, use logical emotion to navigate your way through your eating and exercise plan.  Therefore, if you're running on the treadmill and feel yourself sluggishly making progress use logic (i.e. "Pick up the pace." "See a positive image and replicate it" "Run harder".
Revert between Emotional Logic and Logical Emotion as needed. Soon, you'll be "In The Zone". Everything is in slow motion although at full speed and effortless. It feels like nirvana. This is where you want to be.
Comment on the times you've been "In The Zone".  Think of a work and sports example. 

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Saturday, December 22, 2012


Self-Think vs. Self-Talk

"Motivate and inspire your team's passion to take action to produce better results." - Raj Gavurla

Did you know there's a difference between self-think and self-talk? Self-think is simply what you think as you do something. Self-talk is what you say verbally to yourself.  

You've been in situations with a client, teammate, or when on your own something is said. It's essential to know is it being said to motivate themself, are saying it to inform you, want a reply from you, or unfortunately trying to trick you. After quickly determining this by using self-think, you know how to react. Be conscious of this and you'll see your ability to make progress increase. I encourage you to get in the zone, don't let someone get you out of the zone, and get who you're talking with "in the zone."

You'll make much greater strides. It's a simplified approach which produces better results, moods, money, and a better life. Remember the difference between self-think and self-talk.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Productivity Tools, What Are Yours?

1. Make sure your computer is working. A down computer wastes time. There are companies that service computers via the web 24x7.

2. Skype - make a video call via your computer
Great way to connect and get a busy group of people on a conference (cuts down on travel).

3. Linkedin - make connections with people of interest
When used right you can build a great business network.

4. - share your screen ...on a conference call
Used it for the first time today. Makes it easier to see the right files.

5. Twitter - tell what you are doing, comment, share tips, post links
I use it to send my Mindset, Mood, Motivation Tip.

6. Facebook - keep up with family and friends, post memorable pictures. I have a personal page and a business page.

7. Visio - flow a process
Easy way to flow your sales and marketing process. If you haven't done this, this will help tremendously and allow you to make changes as your business grows and new tools and suppliers are used.

8. - receive motivational fitness/health messages (athletic or Olympic)  Play 60 the NFL campaign makes sense. Our bodies need movement especially if we have a sedentary lifestyle. Do a variety of fitness with some weights so you don't get bored with it. It'll help you sleep better.

9. Eating right
Just might be what's missing from you accomplishing your fitness goals.

10. Relaxation
Many entrepreneurs have an issue with this. Just remember when you have a productive day to celebrate instead of trying to squeeze too much productivity out of it. On days when the productivity isn't as great, recalibrate.

11. On work days: eat right, work, exercise/stretch, relaxation, good night's sleep

12. Keep a notebook: easy way to know what was done, open items, what needs done, and keep track of ideas

13. Schedule: structure your day and have something to look forward to in the evening

14. Time important things: It'll help you budget your time well.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


When It's Time

Happy Holidays To You and Your Family!
                                              - Raj Gavurla

When It's Time
The holiday season is upon us. We celebrate specific holidays yearly when it's time. It reminds me of the time I met Dekembe Mutombo at the gym and asked him to play basketball. In his deep voice he said, "When it's time to play basketball, I play basketball." Well, "it's time" to celebrate the holiday season. Have fun with family and friends this Thanksgiving Holiday!

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